Guardian of Oceana – Sea King’s Invasion

Sea King’s Invasion is a fun shooting game that requires strategy and skill. The cursed army of ocean is always preparing to invade human land and only you have the power to defeat them. You will become Poseidon God’s hero to stand against infinity waves of monsters. Fight and kill the monsters with your powerful trident to send them back to the ocean where they came from. You will have shoot them a lot!

Được đánh giá: 4.8 trên 5 sao với tổng số 100 lượt đánh giá

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* Swipe to throw spear and destroy enemies
* Collect coin and gain EXP to upgrade your hero
* Level up and unlock new skills to become stronger
* Complete daily quest for great reward


* Score sastifying skill shot and slaughter hordes of invading monsters
* Powerful skill system allows you to make you immortal guardian
* Ultimate abilities of high level hero will blow your mind
* Multi-level passive skill make awesome skills combinations
* Switch between paths everytime you want to change your play style
* Two skill trees with 12 passive skills and 2 ultimate skills
* New skill tier unlocked every 5 levels, with ultimate skills unlocked last

☆ World with full of fantasy monster☆

* Mermaid and naga and murloc monsters
* Dragon boss with powerful fireball
* And various types of sea’s monsters with unique looks and abilities.

► UPGRADE YOUR HERO with offense skill path

* Power up your spear or throw more
* Piercing or Bouncing spear
* Multi-shot or Explosive spear
* Poseidon ultimate skill: ARMAGEDDON!

► UPGRADE YOUR BASE with support skill path

* Increase HP or create a recover Shield
* Equip Slow Barrier or Electric Barrier to counter monster
* Fire Shooting base for more damage or Ice Arrow for slowing creeps
* Ultimate skill: TORNADO!

Human’s last hope is in your hands. Become a hero and protect coast from Ocean’s evil enemies now. Will you rise up to the challenge and defeat the monster or stand aside waiting them invade the human kind. Make strategic choice which skills to bring to battle, experiment with multiple combinations to find best skill set that suit you.

Wait no longer! Download Sea King’s Invasion and play it for free.

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